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John Krusinski

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John Krusinski
Managing Director

John Krusinski serves as a Managing Director and the head of the environmental division of Fairchild Due Diligence & Advisory.   With over 25 years of experience as a professional engineer, Mr. Krusinski has delivered environmental consulting services for thousands of real estate transactions, subsurface investigations and site remediation projects for leading national lenders, real estate investors, corporations, and municipalities.  In his tenure, John has overseen projects in all areas of environmental due diligence including:

>> Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

>> Phase II Subsurface Investigations
>> Erosion Control portfolio management

>> Site characterizations and remediation

>> Property Condition Assessments

>> Probable Maximum Loss/Scenario Expected Loss (PML/SEL)

>> Asbestos Abatement and Monitoring
>> Lead-Based Paint Surveys

>> Moisture Intrusion and Mold Surveys

>> ALTA Surveys

>> Radon Remediation

>> Ground Penetrating Radar

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