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Fairchild Multifamily Finance

Capital solutions for the entire lifecycle of multifamily properties

Fairchild Multifamily Finance provides capital solutions for the entire life cycle of multifamily properties thereby creating a fully integrated capital approach for multifamily investments.  Factoring in the investment strategy, special project circumstances, and comprehensive knowledge of the multifamily capital markets, the team at Fairchild custom tailors a financial product that optimizes strategic goals.  Integrating market research, proprietary data and insights, market trend analyses, and internal insight on capital markets fund raising, Fairchild Multifamily Finance structures solutions that are best suited to special situations.  ​Fairchild Multifamily Finance provides financing to owners, brokers, and investors seeking financing up to $50 million. Evaluating the entire portfolio and providing a strategic analysis on asset strategy, Fairchild's products provide strategic capital for every step of multifamily investment - Buy.Build.Renovate.Sell™ 

Financing Capability

Fairchild Multifamily Finance offers a national small-balance multifamily financing product from $1 million to $15 million and large-balance multifamily loans to $50 million.

MF Program Parameters:
Financing from $1 million to $30 million

Loan terms up to 30 years

Competitive pricing and flexible call protection

Fixed and adjustable rate programs
Competitive pricing and flexible call protection

Fixed and adjustable rate loan programs

MF Property Types:
Traditional MF​

Small Balance MF

​Student Housing

​Affordable Housing

Senior Housing



Near Stabilization

Green Financing

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