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Karen Kahn
Managing Partner, COO

Karen Kahn serves as a Managing Partner at Fairchild. Ms. Kahn maintains executive management responsibility for Fairchild's various operating business units. Karen also serves as a member of the Board of Directors and investment committee. As an experienced investment professional, Ms. Kahn's primary responsibilities in her role at Fairchild include corporate operations management, firm wide strategy implementation, investor relations, development of the firm's investment strategy, development of proprietary platforms, and the cultivation of strategic relationships with select proprietary family offices and private investors, domestically and abroad.

Ms. Kahn's career began at a prominent family office as a key investment officer and asset manager of private pools of capital in its emerging investment division. Maintaining principal real estate ownership and operating experience in a diversified portfolio of assets globally, Ms. Kahn has structured quality transactions throughout her career. In addition, Ms. Kahn's institutional experience an associate at a major wealth management concern, provides her a diversified base of expertise in the alternative investment arena. From an early age, Karen Kahn maintained an entrepreneurial spirit transitioning her into a career entrepreneur with solid experience across various emerging industries. Today, Ms. Kahn remains a strategic investor and serves on the board of private investment and healthcare companies.

Ms. Kahn graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she studied Economics, Political Science and English with a minor in accounting. 

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