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Innovative Solutions. Fast, Flexible, Reliable, Capital.


Backed by over $4 Billion* of deployable capital, across three distinct risk pools, Fairchild  provides creative lending options & strategic advisory services for commercial real estate and middle market companies.  Fairchild tailors solutions that reflect the strength of its diversified capital platform including institutional, pension funds, REITs, high net worth family offices, life insurance companies, commercial banks, credit unions, and private equity funds.  A solid financial base, coupled with an experienced team of professionals and a proven system, provides Fairchild clients the certainty of execution needed in today's capital market.


In its inception, Fairchild was founded on the premise that the financial services sector is outdated, inefficient, and in need of an overhaul to realign both capital allocators and seekers.  For 30 years, the principals of Fairchild have been providing innovative financial products and strategic advisory to real estate operators and corporations for a broad range of transactions exceeding $3 billion in aggregate value.  Fairchild professionals apply their expertise in conventional or complex situations by providing customized solutions that expect, meet, and exceed client objectives.  With significant transactional experience, the firm's professionals collectively offer a tremendous wealth of depth and knowledge to every special situation scenario.


* AUM/Deployable capital as of December 31, 2016 valued at approximately $4billion.

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