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Accelerating Business Success Through Expertise, Support, and Industry Knowledge


Fairchild provides customized lending solutions to businesses in need of overcoming cash flow challenges by offering specialized financing secured by assets such as accounts receivable, inventory, machinery, equipment, real estate, diversified marketable securities, illiquid securities, specialty assets (i.e. fine art), or other assets of the business and/or its owners. The Fairchild team evaluates credit needs and the overall collateral package to structure a financing plan that best matches overall company objectives such as:


Business Growth to match overall corporate goals

Adding inventory to increase revenue streams

Facility expansion to support growth objectives

Alleviate seasonal sales issues by stabilizing working capital during seasonal business fluctuations

Turnaround Financing: working capital to complete the overhaul of under performing businesses

Refinancing/Restructuring:  optimizing the organization’s use of debt and equity to improve overall   company capitalization

Acquisition Financing: finance the purchase of a competitor or a merger with a strategic partner

Leveraged Buyout: utilize the value of a company’s assets to finance purchase of a controlling stock interest in the company; a purchase frequently led by the company’s management team

Capital Expenditures: utilize CapEx facilities to upgrade buildings, equipment and other physical assets

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