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Mark Kelley

Senior Managing Partner, CEO

Mark Kelley began his career in mortgage, investment banking, and investments 31 years ago upon graduation from University of Delaware, Newark DE with a degree in Economics. Working for a top investment banking group in the Mid Atlantic gave Mark the Wall Street exposure and strategic relationships that are necessary to compete in today’s financial markets.  Mr. Kelley has extensive postgraduate work at the University of Houston, Houston, TX and California Polytechnic, Pomona, CA in the management and banking fields.


Throughout his career, Mark has successfully cultivated key strategic relationships across the capital spectrum including but not limited to Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Bank Consortiums, Investment Advisors, and HNW Investors. Specifically, Mark worked in conjunction with Diawa Securities and a number of rating agencies to help roll out one of the first small balance commercial mortgage backed securities programs to have national exposure. This platform along with its extensive product mix pioneered the small balance commercial capital business model. Using the small balance theory, Mark pioneered the bank outsourcing model through a series of community and regional banks to offer longer term fixed rate loan products and programs not traditionally available via banks. As a result, the bank network grew to a total of 680 community, regional, super-regional, national banks, and credit unions, Mark began to roll out other bank related products to use by the bank directly in the form of cash management services, asset disposition services and investment programs.  This business model grew into a true financial services firm; AmVest which Mark successfully directed for eleven years and become a top-of-the-class company in the industry offering programs and services directly to bankers nationwide.  His visionary approach became the blueprint for success with a product and advisory service mix which is offered to almost 900 banks nationally.

Working with banks and advising their clients created the momentum to fully integrate programs and products specific to the needs of real estate development and long-term development deals. Mark has been personally involved in the new Urbanist movement, neo-traditional neighborhood design and TND mixed use apartment projects throughout the South. Having the capital markets experience and strategic capital backing facilitated the financing the acquisition and the development of such projects more efficient.  In his career, Mark has been involved in over 250 construction projects.

Mark is a founding partner of Fairchild, a comprehensive financial services company focused in commercial real estate finance, corporate finance, due diligence and advisory, and investments.   In order to provide quality financial products Mark has assembled a team of professionals along with the technology necessary to provide access to products and services that improve the bottom line while enhancing stability. At Mark's direction, Fairchild has become a full service investment banking group using its defined network of banks, investors, private equity groups and high net worth clients to acquire and fund top tier opportunities on a national basis.

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